We have the happiest and most helpful staff in the entire universe! You should meet these nice people. You’ll love our drivers, too!

Gina Martin - Vice President

Gina Martin
Vice President

David Sams Texarkana Office Manager 

David Sams
 Texarkana Office Manager

Patrick Bolen Professional Driver

Patrick Bolen
 Professional Driver

Rico Belotti - Tour Director

Rico Belotti
 Tour Director

Janet Brown - Tour Planning and Sales   

Janet Brown
 Tour Planning and Sales


Pam Downing
 Administrative Assistant

Haleigh Harrell - Sales Representative    

Haleigh Steed
 Sales Representative

Bill Lamb -Tour Director

Bill Lamb
 Tour Director

Brian Pettus - Weekend Manager/DOT Compliance   

Brian Pettus
 Fleet Manager

Cindy Prange - Sales Representative

Cindy Prange
 Sales Representative

Tom Shinn - Ace Mechanic   

Tom Shinn
 Ace Mechanic

Bradley West - Ace Mechanic   

Bradley West
 Ace Mechanic & Weekend Manager

Cary Martin - President

Cary Martin